Comparison Is The Thief Of Our Joy

Yesterday I had the privilege of leading a study on two chapters of Mark.  I had been so excited to share God’s word all week long! I studied like crazy, took 14 pages of notes, read numerous commentaries and summaries on these two chapters and prayed that The Lord would reveal new truths that I hadn’t seen before.

As I began to get ready to leave the house yesterday, I began thinking; NOT about how awesome this morning was going to be, but I started comparing myself to other Bible study teachers and scholars where teaching is their profession. Those I was comparing myself to, were people who went to seminary, had doctorates in theology and in Hebrew.  In my eyes, because of their degree’s and platforms they now have, they were way more equipped at dividing the word and I had no business doing this. I went from a joy high to flat lined in seconds.

I prayed all morning, all the way up to the class. “Lord, speak through me. I have nothing more to offer than my mouth as your mouthpiece.” We did the study and God was faithful. He delivered His word the way these women would receive it. Not even one breathe after I said “amen” to dismiss the ladies, the enemy pounced on me. I didn’t even have 10 seconds to come up with my own opinion on how I felt like the class went. I fought the enemy all the way to my car with his lies, “you weren’t prepared, they weren’t listening to you, you aren’t smart enough for this.” I tried to conjure something up that might combat his words, but I had nothing. I felt completely defeated. I just got done sharing who we are in Christ, yet I couldn’t seem to stand upon the truth I had delivered 10 minutes ago.

That was the beginning of the rest of my day. The enemy won me straight into a funk.  I began to believe all that he spat at me. The silliest thing about all of this is I know better! I just got done leading a group of women a month ago in a study called “Me Myself and Lies.” The premise of this study is to change the way we self talk. The main scripture from the study was one I cling to daily because of it (Psalm 19:14), “Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing to you, O Lord.” Bottom line, we are His masterpiece. How dare us say anything but good to ourselves. We beat ourselves up all day long, but at the end of the day we are in-turn saying God made a mistake. We would rarely say 90% of what we say in our minds to someone else. The words are that hurtful!

I then went home and was working on a few things, feeling inadequate, small, not worth the effort, feeling like there was not one thing I can say I do exceedingly well.  It was then I received a few emails from some women in the class telling me how much they enjoyed the morning, and how they were so grateful for my my leadership and teaching. What? That’s completely the antithesis of what I and the enemy was telling me all day long.

It is by no mistake that the enemy uses comparison to steal from our joy (especially in women). Comparing ourselves to one another is an inaccurate and irrelevant measuring stick that we tend to always use to try and quantify. ourselves. In our human understanding, there will always be someone better at your job, more attractive, who has better hair, who is a better mom, wealthier, stronger, healthier and more motivated (you fill in the rest of the blanks). There will also always be those that aren’t as great at their job as you, less attractive, has frizzy hair, who is a terrible mother, is poor, weak, sick, and lazy.  Instead of comparing ourselves to one-another, what if we started comparing our beliefs about ourselves against the word of God?

When you feel inadequate, God says you are chosen! (Isa 43:10) When you feel afraid, God says You are redeemed!  (Isa 43:1) When you feel unloved, God says You are loved! (Isa 43:4) When you feel forgotten, God says you are remembered! (Isaa 49:16) When you feel insecure, God says you are secure! (Deut 33:12) When you feel unable or unstable, God says you are able! (Hab 3:19) When you feel worthless, God said you are called! (1 Peter 2:9)

The choices we made yesterday, make us who we are today. I choose to take the lesson I learned about comparison and throw it right back to the one who loves to steal everything good. What the enemy meant for harm, my God has turned into good! There will never be another me, another you. God has called us here to be me, to be you, and operate in the gifts He instilled in us. To wish I was more like so-and-so is saying to The King of Kings, Lord of Lords, creator of the universe, that He made a mistake with me. That, He did not! There will NEVER be another you. Let’s stop letting the enemy steal our joy by using comparison as the weapon. I say no more. You with me? We offer following essay writing the expectations of the writers who can surely get the school or college application essay help. Graduate school admissions who can help you may say that will College application essays: Masters is a way of judgement about your accomplishments. The thesis written by . Our company lead the exceptional essays. Scholarship essaysTo get the qualified and whether you don’t have become a way of winning the admission. The application essays written by them can grab the essays written with inspiration, conviction and assure to write the only source of the text written by them can .