August 10th 1997 was a day that changed my life forever. I was in a car accident that left me paralyzed from the chest down. I have regained many physical abilities, but most importantly I have gained an everlasting relationship with Jesus Christ. Many people ask me, Where was God when you got in your accident? I tell them, He was right there holding my hand! Through the grace and love of Jesus Christ I have been able to take on the daily obstacle of being in a wheelchair. It’s by no means easy and I have some extremely dark days, but I pull through by relying on God’s word and His promises.

Jesus proclaimed in John 16:33, In this world you may have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world. Hearing these words from one that is so bold, makes my problems appear to be so small. Many times people will ask how I can manage or stay so strong? At first this wasn’t easy, but I soon learned that my strength did not come from me, but from God. Philippians 4:13 states, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. The more that I took ownership in that promise, the more it has become a reality in my life and a testimony to others.

I have recently moved to Nashville, TN, to pursue my dream of being a recording artist and song writer. I am excited to say these dreams are slowly, but surely becoming a reality! God places dreams on our hearts because He has created each of to fulfill a different piece of His plan. He needs us to keep chasing our dreams and to accomplish them. Never give up on what makes your heart beat.


We are so grateful to Faith Ecklund for being a part of our weekend experiences recently. There are so many words that come to mind when you see the inspiration that she is, and has been, for so many in a world where people quit and give up at the first sign of challenge and difficulty. Faith is uncommon, significant and influential. Very rarely will you ever meet someone more impactful than Faith. Yes, she is talented. But more importantly, she is full of the spirit of Jesus, and you can sense it in everything that she sings; everything that she says; and everything that she says writes. I believe there is a blessing that comes to all those that hear her.“

–Dean Curry, Senior Pastor/Life Center, Tacoma WA

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